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intersexioni worldwide

intersexioni worldwide



  • Michela Balocchi, Andrea Barbieri & Ino Kehrer presentano: The Invisibilization & Erasure of Intersex Variations Through Bio-Medicalization & Legal System in Italy, Queer(y)ing Justice in the Global South, Sydney, Australia, July 13th. 



  • Michela Balocchi, thanks to her Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship Marie Curie (project: INTERSEXIONS), participates to the 6th I-DSD Symposium in Copenhagen.



  • Greta Bilanzola, thanks to an IGLYO’s grant, is selected as member of the preparatory team for the study session “I Have Rights”, focusing on the rights of intersex people, Budapest, European Youth Centre, February 18-19, 2016.
  • Michela Balocchi, thanks to her Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship (project: INTERSEXIONS) partecipate in the conference Creating Change, January 19-24, Chicago.


  • Michela Balocchi, thanks to her Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship Marie Curie (project: INTERSEXIONS) partecipate in the Human Rights Day presso le Nazioni Unite, in the OutSummit conference, and in the Global UNDP LGBTI Index Consultation, December 4-16, 2015, New York City.
  • Alessandro Comeni is among the founders of the non-profit organization OII Europe, which has been registered on September, 25th in Berlin, during the three days meeting of OII Europe, hosted by TGEU, September 24-26, Berlin.
  • Greta Bilanzola, thanks to a ILGA Europe’s grant, attended the training course ‘Framing rights and affirming our common values – Rethinking communication to Achieve sustainable change‘, organized by ILGA Europe in collaboration with Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), Brussels, in September 11-13.
  • Intersexioni has become member of OII Europe – Organization Intersex International Europe an umbrella organization for Intersex Human Rights, and OII – Organization Intersex International worldwide network.


  • Michela Balocchi participated in the ILGA World Conference and intersex pre-conference, Mexico City, October 26 – November 1, 2014, thanks to her Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship with the 3 years project INTERSEXIONS (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IOF – EU Marie Curie Actions n.627162).

Even before the birth of intersexioni Michela Balocchi and Alessandro Comeni, both with a grant by ILGA Europe, participated in the first Intersex Global Forum organized by ILGA Europe in Brussels, 3-5 September 2011.


intersexioni in Italy


  • Ino Kehrer: Cuts into children’s future: a comparative analysis between female genital mutilation, male circumcision and intersex treatments, presentazione al convegno internazionale Intersex Social Sciences: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship, UniversitĂ  di Bologna, Bologna, 4-5 Giugno.


  • Michela Balocchi: The bio-medicalisation of intersex variations in Italy, presentazione al convegno internazionale Intersex Social Sciences: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship, UniversitĂ  di Bologna, Bologna, 4-5 Giugno.



  • Nicole Braida and Lilian Capuzzimato give presentations at the seminar “Intersex: ora alla luce del sole” organized by Padova Pride 2018, at Arcigay Tralaltro Padova, 21 aprile


  • Early November inauguration of the first Italian info-welcoming point for intersex and LGBTQ* deaf people.  The center offers the a first-contact, information, support and hospitality space in a safe environment for people with intersex traits, and for transgender people, gender variant people, non-binary people as well as for relatives and friends. The center is also open to whoever wants to get informed and engaged in the protection, support and promotion of the rights and of QUILTBAG* people.


  • Michela Balocchi is interviewed by Radio Onda d’Urto during the radio program REBEL girl about the many activities of intersexioni and the advocacy for the human rights of the people with congenital variations of sex development, October 15


  • intersexioni participates and discusses in the presentation of the first Milan intersex group. The meeting is organized with the LGBT group of Lombard deafs, Milan, October 7.


  • Michela Balocchi coordinates the convention Intersex/DSD: from Pathology to Human Rights? at the University of Verona, with the Centre of Research PoliTeSse. Balocchi discusses a speech entitled Undoing Medical Practices on Intersex Variations in Italy. Other lecturers: Daniela Truffer and Markus Bauer, founders of; Massimo di Grazia IRCCS Burlo and founder of the Italian Association for the Bladder extrophy and Epispadias Onlus; Stefano Osella PhD student at the European University Institute. Cochair: Lorenzo Bernini, University of Verona; University of Verona, Verona, October 6;.
  • Nicole Braida participates and discusses at the meeting Biopolitic vs Nature: Intersex Past, during the Anti-speciesist Festival, Macao, Milan, September 17.


  • From Arezzo to Gallipoli, May 27-August 19: intersexioni with Gruppo Donna-ArciGay Milan realizes the first intersex-relay for intersex people, intersex families, allies and non-binary people, during the Onda Pride 2017.  The intersex flag flutters for the first time during many Italian gay-pride parade, in order to give visibility to the Italian intersex rights movement and create a new political action and a new alliance of bodies and minds.


  • Nicole Braida introduces the film XXY and participates to the following debate. The meeting is organized by Arcigay Cosenza, Cafè-bistrot “Otra Vez Fair” of Teatro dell’Acquario, Cosenza, June 26.


  • Nicole Braida participates to the conference Interexistence. Shame, Invisibility and Medicalization. The Problem of Others on a Body, organized by Coordinamento Puglia Pride, Policlinico di Bari, Bari, June 19.


  • Nicole Braida participates to the seminar Too Much Medicine? Experiences and Considerations about the Medicalization of the Society, organized by prof. Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, Luigi Einaudi Campus, University of Turin, Turin, June 6.


  • Nicole Braida leads the meeting Intersex Bodies and Sexual Binarism, within the Festival “Bodies”, organized by LGBT IdentitĂ  Unite, Luigi Einaudi Hall, University of Turin, Turin, May 18.


  • Michela Balocchi, PhD, and Stefano Osella are the panelists in the seminar Intersexuality: between Prejudice and Invisibility, organized by Progetto Prisma, University of Bologna, Bologna, May 3.


  • Are There Two Sexes Only? A Consideration Starting from the Intersex People, organized by Mercoledì Extra-Ordinari, with Nicole Braida, Roberta De Nardi, Christian Mori, Milan, May 3.


  • Nicole Braida participates in the round table discussion Paths, Existences and Needs Beyond the Binary, with a speech entitled Beyond the Binary of the Biological Sex: Intersex Variations within the festival Beyond the Binary – Performance, Theater, Thoughts, Nora Book&Coffee, Turin, March 25.


  • Alice Troise leads the training course How to Spread a Respectful Culture for Human Rights of Intersex People?, during Bergamo contro l’Omofobia, Bergamo, March 18.


  • Nicole Braida introduces the topic of human rights of intersex people during the meeting Intersex People, these Strangers, organized by Circolo Maurice, Turin, March 10.


  • Nicole Braida introduces the topic of intersex variations with Christian and Michele, two young intersex activists, during the seminar Intersex for Dummies, organized by Arcigay Gruppo Donna, Milano, February 26.


  • Milan, January 28; Alice Troise organizes and leads the training course How to Spread a Respectful Culture for Human Rights of Intersex People?, with the narration of a young intersex activist, Michele. The training course is organized for the Gruppo Scuola Arcigay of Milan.
  • Michela Balocchi discusses her speech Considerations about Medicalization of Intersex People in Italy during the conference From Hermaphroditic to Intersex: Be Brave and Say it Out Loud. Experiences, Studies, Publications, AltraPsicologia, Brescia, January 14.


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